Back to blogging

In October 2002 I published a website all about me. At its centre was my blog. I was 16 and knew everything knowable about religion, politics, art and morality. Moreover all the opinions I held about those subjects were almost certainly correct.

Happily, some years later I realised how arrogant that attitude was, and took the blog down (though I retain a copy – as, no doubt, does the internet, somewhere in its vast, unforgetting archives). Now, hopefully somewhat more mature, gracious and self-aware, I return to the medium. Here’s what I plan to blog about:


I’m an uncommonly ruthless film critic. Most films attract my ire, by being bad in numerous and, more importantly, needless ways. More easily pleased film-lovers struggle to empathise with my dissatisfaction, and I’m not good at explaining my opinions – at least not on the way out of the cinema. I need time to digest a film before I can fairly and eloquently verbalise my reaction. I hope this blog will be a space in which, having taken that time, I can review films clearly, frankly and educationally, and compare my responses to others’.


In 2011 I read one book1. My challenge for 2012 is to read 26. As an Open University student of English Literature I imagine this will be good practice, as will discussing my reactions to them online. The 26 books have been chosen by my friends and family, and I hope that making this challenge a social experience will help me relish – rather than dread – it.

The web

I’m a digital copy-editor, so my work revolves around social media, blogging, email marketing, online writing and so on. Luckily for me and my employers, these are subjects in which I have a strong interest. It will be fun to discuss them.


I spend far too much time keeping up with current affairs and commentary. It’s the pleasure that will probably be most curtailed in my attempt to read a book every fortnight, but I suspect I’ll still find time to find out what’s going on outside my paperbacks, and what the world thinks about it. And when I wish to respond, I’ll do so here.


From time to time may happen something so personally significant that I feel it’s worth writing about at length. I hope you’ll help me celebrate, or commiserate, those time to times.

Is there anything else about which you’d like me to write? Let me know in the comments.


1 Maus, by Art Spiegelman