Book 16: The Discovery of Heaven

The Discovery of Heaven is a 1992 novel by Dutch author Harry Mulisch. It describes the intense friendship between two men and the mystical journey of another to return to Heaven the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments.

– From Wikipedia

I start Book 16 even further ahead of schedule than Chess or Persepolis. The Discovery of Heaven is a big book with small type, so I imagine my schedule will catch me up. Having said that, 50-odd pages in I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. (I hope this goes some way to healing Jeroen’s – who suggested this book – wounds after I so disliked his previous suggestion, Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir).

In a mildly amusing twist, my other failure this year has been replaced with another of Coelho’s books, widely acclaimed The Alchemist. Rosa and Wes – one of the people who warned me against reading The Zahir – gifted me it for my birthday. Thanks Wes, I think!


3 thoughts on “Book 16: The Discovery of Heaven

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