Reading failure #2: Neuromancer

Well, here we are again. Neuromancer is the second book of my 2012 26 book challenge that I simply can’t finish.

Whereas I simply disliked eveything about The Zahir, my reasons for giving up on Neuromancer are quite different: I just don’t understand it. I’ve perservered for some time, insisiting on reading 26 pages each day, determined to reach that “aha” moment, but I think it’s just too technical or verbose or complex for little-brained me, and I find I’m just brushing my eyes against the words without taking anything in.

So, head hung in ignorant shame, I need a suggestion for a book to fill the Neuromancer-shaped gap. Your recommendations, please, for a story of 130 pages or fewer…


5 thoughts on “Reading failure #2: Neuromancer

  1. why don’t you give the Alchemist a go? Quick read, great book and you’ll see why everyone was so disappointed with The Zahir…

    • here here i have a brand new copy of it sitting on my shelf that I can give you on Saturday if you want it. Its very short and maybe it will make up for The Zahir.


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