Book 7: Mister Pip (and a note on Great Expectations)

Mister Pip (2006) is a novel by Lloyd Jones, a New Zealand author. It is named after a character in, and shaped by the plot of, Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. Lloyd Jones wrote 11 versions of the novel originally setting it on an unnamed Pacific island. The novel was ultimately set against the backdrop of the civil war on Bougainville Island during the early 1990s.

– From Wikipedia

Having read the early chapters of it with dread and dislike in my school years, I came to the challenge of (re)reading Great Expectations with, shall we say, Low Hopes. But it completely reversed my prejudices. It is blisteringly witty, deliciously descriptive and devilishly plotted. How can I have spent upwards of 10 years detesting Dickens’ writing? (The answer, I think, is that it – or at least Great Expectations – is not suited to a teenage readership, complicated and demanding as it is). Mister Pip is somehow – I’m not yet sure precisely how – related to Dickens’ classic. I haven’t begun it yet and I already like it, for prompting me to give Charlie a second chance…

Has anyone else experienced a sudden change in opinion of an author, classic or not?


One thought on “Book 7: Mister Pip (and a note on Great Expectations)

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