Book 5: The English Patient

The English Patient is a 1992 novel by Sri Lankan-Canadian novelist Michael Ondaatje. The story deals with the gradually revealed histories of a critically burned English accented Hungarian man, his Canadian nurse, a Canadian-Italian thief, and an Indian sapper in the British Army as they live out the end of World War II in an Italian villa.

– From Wikipedia

The English Patient is one of those books I feel like I ought to know so much about despite never having read it. Inevitably, I’ve seen the film, though I can remember very little of it, and Fia tells me it represents only a short section of the book (if I remember rightly, director Anthony Minghella only once read each of the books he adapted and wrote the corresponding screenplays without ever referring back to the source material again).

This is one of the most highly acclaimed, well renowned books on my 2012 books list. I’m really looking forward to it.

What are your (spoiler-free!) thoughts on The English Patient?


5 thoughts on “Book 5: The English Patient

      • Yes! I think that’s exactly what I liked. There are days when sitting in poems is all I feel like doing. Do you have any other recommendations for authors who feel like that? I can tell you now, Alan Paton is perfect for that (and Jack will agree).

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